Week Three: Living without Gluten

Today is the start of week three of five. I was slightly off the radar last week because of how busy I was, and although was cooking and creating new recipes, was struggling to find a moment to share them with you. I work as a freelance food stylist and home economist assistant and last week was working a different job almost every day of the week. This really brings it’s challenges when you are trying to be extremely vigilant about what you are eating. Long busy days leave little time to factor in food, even when you are surrounded by it, and finding the life and head space to organise your diet around a busy lifestyle was last weeks main challenge.

I am also still really struggling with the reality of having to single yourself out and request gluten free food. To a point where I was favouring shying away from it and just being hungry, or eating whatever part of lunch was suitable for me. Obviously not ideal, but I can’t seem to get past feeling embarrassed and awkward. Snacking takes on a whole new life of it’s own, having to think twice before making a quick dash for something to fill an ever growing gap. Dried fruit and nuts, yoghurt and fresh fruit have taken the place of bread or gluten heavy snacks. Comparatively speaking I have noticeably more prolonged levels of energy which can only be a good thing!

Outside of work however, food has been wonderful, and I have been literally tied to my kitchen trying out new ingredients, ideas and recipes. There are always a million and one recipes on my wish list, so the nice thing about such a specific project is looking at specific recipes. Not only that, but finding the time to cook recipes by people who I look up to and admire. Green Kitchen Stories was one of the first food blogs I ever came across, their site, flare for food and passion being one of the inspirations for setting up my own blog. Every time I visit their site it makes me strive to be better at what I do. The Intolerant Gourmet I came across since starting this project, and I have visited her site almost every day since, browsing through countless beautiful gluten free recipes. She is an expert in her field, and is inspiring in the way she writes and the recipes she creates.

In the first week of doing this project, I was struggling to sleep, my brain overloaded and spinning with information, ideas, questions, excitement and anxiety. One night, I got up at three in the morning, made myself some tea, and browsed these two lovely sites in the stillness of night time. I was hoping it might lull me back to sleep, but it did the complete opposite. I couldn’t wait to start cooking! As soon as the supermarkets opened, I went to buy the ingredients for these two recipes, and made a road trip picnic for a long journey to Wales.

I served the falafel and flatbread with a very simple salad of finely shredded red cabbage, coriander, lemon and greek yogurt.

Green Kitchen Stories recipe for Herb and Pistachio Falafel

The Intolerant Gourmet recipe for Flat Breads

(I had some fresh beetroot in my fridge, some of which I grated into the flatbread recipe, about 20g)

To visit The Intolerant Gourmet blog click here


To visit Green Kitchen Stories blog click here.

These are two food blogs you absolutely should not miss out on!

To read more about my experience of giving up gluten for five weeks, follow the links below!

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